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The Techniques Of The Run

Combining alternate picking and sweep picking is some times referred to as “economy picking” or “Directional picking” but in the case of this lick it really looks and feels like two separate techniques and it is!

In fact, when your alternate and economy picking skills are coming together, “economy picking” is the result. But at this point, you’re just playing and using whatever technique works the best.

Jam Track Exercise

This run is based on the Em9#7 arpeggio, in fact these are the only notes we use apart from the last note in the descending version. Try using the fretboard pattern of this run for improvisation over the E-Minor chord and its dominant B-Major.

When the E-Minor is in the background, and you are using the Em9#7 arpeggio, you are effectively producing the Aeolian#7 sound. When the B-Major chord is in the background you are creating the sound of B-Phrygian#3. Two essential modes to master in the Neo Classical Realm.

Use the jam track to figure out what notes sound good over the first and the second chord. And, try sticking to your Em9#7 arpeggio pattern on the fretboard. This arpeggio has plenty of notes that work well over both chords. Use your ear to find them as you play!

Claus Levin



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