10 Note Alternate Picking Sequence In A-Minor


Accents keeps your alternate picking action synchronized and in time. They are the most important element to focus on when you practice this technique.

This alternate picking sequence will mess with your accents. It has ten notes in it before it repeats itself in another position on the neck. So where should you put the accents?

Since the sequence has ten notes in it, it makes good sense to create an accent for every fifth note. This will divide the sequence up into two exactly identical parts. But no matter how much sense that makes, it doesn’t really work.


Your first accent appears on the first note so that couldn’t be simpler. But then the second accent would appear just after a string shift. And, if you have been practicing alternate picking triplets for a while you are probably very used to playing an accent as you go from string to string. Moving that accent to the note just after requires a lot of practice.

Instead I place an accent on the first note of the sequence. That’s a no-brainer. But then I place the second accent right where the position shift happens. This gives me two very nice “points of synchronization” that I can keep an eye on as I practice this ten note sequence.

The accents are illustrated with this symbol:  >

Look for it above the notes and make sure to play those notes at least twice as loud when you practice. You can download the tabs here.

10 Note Alternate Picking Sequence In A-Minor

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