The fire within


Passion cannot be constant. Passion is an exception from the
normal, not a state that can be held on to forever. Just like
falling in love.

Normal is balance, passion is not. It makes us obsess about
that one special thing, leaving other areas of our lives
to be dealt with later.

With passion you can storm the hill and take the castle. But
you cannot win the war without the normal, the balanced,
the consistent and the intelligent.

The rush of passion opens up new pathways, makes the impossible
possible and deflates your inner sceptic. But it will not
succumb to pressure and it will not appear in a climate of stress.

It appears when you allow yourself to be excited, childish and
playful. When necessity and making-a-living leaves room for
the unreasonable, the impractical and the unjustified.

Rely on the normal to take you to the ultimate level: Get
serious about your development. Be an adult about it. It’s not a
silly hobby, it’s your life.

And when passion does come, follow it in whatever direction it
takes you. Obey the inner drive and its aim. Forget what you
“should” be practicing. Demand no reason from this impulse,
just follow it until it leaves you.

Then go back to your very effective normal.

The fire within

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